Method & Tools

Agile, Craftsmanship, DevOps and other monsters - how to fight with them.


Our industry has an amazing ability to build extremely good theoretical models, methodologies and approaches that actually drive us crazy. Theoretically, we can show how easy it is to introduce Waterfall, XP, Agile or DevOps (delete as appropriate) but the reality is more complicated. Sometimes, something does not work in our unique context and we end with so well known sentence “It doesn’t work for us”.

Many hours of discussions with colleagues about the state of our industry indicate that we have to come up with something new and glowing. Something that allowed us to avoid the mistakes we made so far.

In this presentation, we will look at all errors we made in the past and we will take a closer look at elements which could have been done better and which ideas can change to better our industry. By retrospecting our achievements, we will try to define what awaits us and why this time we will succeed;)